He Will Be With Us Until The End of Time


He Will Be With Us Until The End of Time By Fr. Peter Patros Jesus makes us many promises and we know Christ is someone who always keeps his promises. One specific promise he gives us and his disciples is that he will be with us until the end of time. How does Jesus fulfill this promise if he ended up leaving this world at the time of his Ascension? Jesus fulfills this promise by becoming present to us: body, blood, soul and divinity in the Eucharist every time we celebrate the mass. We read in the Epistle of Saint Paul [...]

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Go into the world and proclaim the Gospel


Go into the world and proclaim the Gospel By Fr. David Stephen   Christ instructs His disciples to “Go into the world and proclaim the Gospel.” This is a call to action for the disciples as well as for us. We are disciples of Christ trying to follow in His footsteps and grow in our relationship with Him. The question then begs, ‘How do I go out into the world to preach the Gospel?’ First and foremost we must know God to teach about Him. He must be in our everyday life that we might preach about the Gospel to the [...]

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What is the Meaning of Life?


What is the Meaning of Life? By Fr. Ankido Sipo   The Gospel reading from the Gospel of John this Sunday answers the question, even if in a difficult way to understand, that every child asks himself almost immediately upon developing enough to wonder about the world. We have all asked ourselves, young and old: what is the meaning of life? Jesus answers the question simply: “This is eternal life, that they know you, the only true God, and Jesus Christ, whom you have sent” (John 17:3). Here, Jesus is not showing how to get to eternal life but is showing [...]

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Asking God for Things


Asking God for Things By Fr. Simon Esshaki   Probably all of us have experienced a time in our lives when we asked God for something and did not receive it. We could ask ourselves why Jesus would say that we should “ask and receive” if he will not give us what we ask for. Whenever there is a seeming contradiction in the Scriptures and with the way that we experience God’s providence, it does not mean that God or the Scriptures are wrong; it probably means that we are missing something. The first thing to do in this case is [...]

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الاحد الثالث من القيامة يوحنا 14: 1-14


  الاحد الثالث من القيامة By Fr. Michael Barota   الاحد الثالث من القيامة يوحنا 14: 1-14 لا زلنا في موسم القيامة، ولا زلنا نتأمل في سر ألموت وألحياة، ويسوع في ليلة ألعشاء ألأخير يطمإنا ويقول" لا تضطرب قلوبكم";، وهو في دربه إلى ألصليب يعزينا بأن نؤمن بألأب ونؤمن به. لا داعي للخوف من الموت، فهو ذاهب إلى ألأب، ليهيء لنا مكان، إنه على موعد مع ألأب ألمحب، لبداية جديدة أفضل بكثير من هذه ألبداية، لكي يحضر لنا مكان في منازل ألأب ألكثيرة، وسيأتي ليأخذنا معه، فهو يريد أن نكون معه. ولكن علينا أن نعرف ألطريق ونسلكه ألأن في هذه ألحياة، [...]

الاحد الثالث من القيامة يوحنا 14: 1-142021-04-18T11:20:22-07:00
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