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Catholic Padres Night


Last week the St. Peter’s high school and middle school bible study leaders enjoyed the Catholic themed San Diego Padres night. Don’t forget to pray for all of our youth leaders in our Eparchy who volunteer their time and effort to bring the future of the Church closer to Christ.

Catholic Padres Night2022-08-19T01:17:42-07:00

Vacation Bible School 2022


We spent 5 wonderful days with our youth at St. Peter’s Cathedral for Vacation Bible School (VBS). We would like to thank all of the volunteers who worked very hard to make this successful and help our children understand the Mass in a more relatable way. If you missed out on this, don’t worry there are more VBS events to come!

Vacation Bible School 20222022-08-19T01:18:00-07:00

Ordination of Fr. Raymond Sliva


On Thursday, May 26th 2022 Fr. Raymond Sliva was ordained to the priesthood of Jesus Christ by the laying of hands of His Excellency Bishop Emanuel Shaleta. The ordination took place at St. Paul Chaldean-Assyrian parish in North Hollywood, California.  

Ordination of Fr. Raymond Sliva2022-08-19T01:18:33-07:00

Stations of The Cross


As is customary during the liturgical season of Sawma, we will begin stations of the cross in most of our parishes in our Eparchy. This is the schedule for our parishes in San Diego. This is a great opportunity to meditate on the sufferings of Christ and understand the true meaning of cruciformed love.  

Stations of The Cross2022-03-02T22:47:59-08:00



We hope everyone is preparing themselves for the upcoming Chaldean Liturgical season of Ba’utha that begins on Monday. As you can see there are many opportunities to attend Ba’utha prayer services and mass at our parishes in San Diego. Ba’utha is a season of repentance that is taken from the book of Jonah. Thankfully, our early Church Fathers took the time to compose a fairly short but substantial mini liturgical season. The prayers composed by early patristics writers are heavily on theology, the human condition, and repentance. We hope that this upcoming season of Ba’utha is fruitful for all of you [...]


Shamasha Tristan


Our Eparchy welcomes seminarian Tristan Farida with great joy to the rank of transitional deacon. Please pray for Shamasha Tristan as he prepares himself to be received into the priesthood of Jesus Christ next year.  

Shamasha Tristan2021-12-12T17:30:05-08:00
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