Jesus talking

Go into the world and proclaim the Gospel

By Fr. David Stephen


Christ instructs His disciples to “Go into the world and proclaim the Gospel.” This is a call to action for the disciples as well as for us. We are disciples of Christ trying to follow in His footsteps and grow in our relationship with Him.

The question then begs, ‘How do I go out into the world to preach the Gospel?’ First and foremost we must know God to teach about Him. He must be in our everyday life that we might preach about the Gospel to the world.

Our primary duty is to preach the Gospel but we all have wounds and sins that have gathered in our lives through selfishness, pride and the like. In order to preach the Gospel we must cleanse ourselves of such grime and sin. This is why our duty as followers of Christ to empty ourselves of sin and allow room for Christ to fill their place. We cannot teach about the Gospel to anyone, let alone the whole world, if we ourselves do not have a good relationship with God. If we do not know God how can we preach about Him and his words to the world?

We must be careful not to think that as we go into the world preaching the Gospel that we are doing God’s work when we still have hatred or jealousy in our hearts, but rather go into the world preaching the Gospel with pure hearts allowing one and all to know God and His love.