Palm Sunday

By Fr. David Stephen


“Hosanna to the Son of David! Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord!”
-Matthew 21:9

These are the words that the people cried out as Christ was journeying towards the temple in the Holy City, for the yearly celebration of Passover. This was the reminder and celebration of the Israelites being freed from the slavery of the Egyptians. As Jesus was entering into the city atop a donkey, he was greeted by the same people who were so grateful and happy for his coming, yet these same people are the ones who just a few days later were screaming “Crucify Him!.” Jesus knew what He was journeying towards, it was as we know His Crucifixion and death, but for Him it was the salvation of His people. He came into this world to teach, to be the ultimate role model and most importantly the savior of His people.

Today we ask ourselves who are we? Are we the people who superficially support Jesus when others are supporting Him? Is our support and love for Him just skin deep? Do we welcome Him into our homes only when our beliefs and actions align with His, and then when they don’t we throw Him to be crucified? In our celebration and procession this Palm Sunday we are in the image of something greater, it is the procession with Christ, setting out on the same road that leads to the King, God.

We take this Palm Sunday to reflect on our own lives, seeing where we stand, and what we are proclaiming. Whether it is to actually welcome Jesus into our lives or the proclamation of sending Him to His death. We pray that God grant us the strength to endure against temptation and the pressure of the world, that we too may be with Christ every step of the way. We also pray for each other to be strengthened by one another to not have superficial love or concern for Christ, rather a true burning love for Him and His pilgrimage for the salvation of all our souls.